Perforated Stairpan Specifications - SCS

Perforated Stairpan Specifications

Perforated Stair Pan Written Specification

Perforated closed riser stair pans EIWPERFPAN minimum 14 gauge (1.9mm) hot rolled steel or as determined by structural design calculations. Slopped maximum 1-1/2 inches (38.1MM) and conforming to American with Disabilities Act (ADA) nosing requirement. Perforations 3/8” holes staggered ¾” on centers. (or as determined by architect or engineer.)


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Notes for Designers:

Perforation Type: Round, Square, Slotted Oblong or Rectangular (Custom patterns available)
Perforation Size: determined by architect. (Standard is 3/8” hole staggered on ¾” spacing)
Perforation Pattern: Staggered, Straight or Custom