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metal pan stairs ready to ship
Jul 12 2023

Metal Pan Stair Details for Commercial Buildings and Industrial Stairways

With decades of experience and top of the line metal fabrication equipment, we make sure all metal pan stair details and requirements are accurate and meet your expectations. .

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fabrication of metal stair treads
Mar 31 2023

Custom Metal Stair Treads Destined for Shopping Plaza in Waikiki, HI

Stairways are always going to be an integral part of every building so make sure yours are done right! .

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stairpan perforation project | Stair Components & Systems | A Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Located in Buffalo, NY, USA
Mar 04 2022

Stairpan Perforation for Your Next Custom Stair Project

Perforated stairpans improve visibility for those using the stairs, allowing pedestrians to see potential danger above or below. It also allows light into the stairwell, allows debris, water and snow to filter through, and improves overall aesthetics..

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online order fulfillment center | Stair Components & Systems | A Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Located in Buffalo, NY, USA
Nov 29 2021

Diamond Checker Plate Stair Tread CASE STUDY

Stair treads, risers and landings are essential in the stair industry for not only building functional staircases, but they’re also important because they provide safety to those using it. .

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3D rendering od perforated stairpans, Eberl Iron Works Stair Components & Systems Division | Stair Components & Systems | A Division of Eberl Iron Works, Inc. | Located in Buffalo, NY, USA
Sep 30 2021

Custom Perforated Stairpans for a Home Remodeling Project

Stair Components & Systems provides custom perforated stairpans to increase safety and aesthetics. We recently provided stairpans for a home remodeling project in Canada. .

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cargo ship in panama canal
Sep 22 2021

Custom Stair Treads from New York To Hawaii

Our Stair Components & Systems division manufactured stair treads in Buffalo, NY and shipped them to Waikiki, HI via the Panama Canal. .

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Stair Components & Systems | Concrete Stair Treads
Mar 30 2021


Customers of's Stair Components & Systems (SCS) division can now find an enhanced browsing experience, tailored to their specific needs, care of our newly launched, stand-alone website.

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Spiral Stair Treads Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Jun 29 2020

Spiral Stair Treads CASE STUDY: Custom Treads for Mt. Morris Dam

Diamond Plate Stair Treads are commonly used to build stairs that do not require a concrete fill but need an anti-slip surface for safe foot traffic..

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diamond plate order Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Apr 02 2019

Diamond Plate Treads: Custom Made For Your Next Stair Project

Also known as checker plate, our diamond plate stair treads are manufactured from high quality diamond plate steel and can be bent and cut into a variety of configurations and lengths to meet your project needs..

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stair components Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Jan 29 2019

Stair Components & Systems Catalog Available For Download

By downloading our FREE catalog, you'll gain instant access to SCS product information, product specifications, product finishes, metal fabrication capacities and more!.

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concrete pour stops Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Nov 19 2018

Concrete Pour Stops Can Be Custom Made For You

There are many different components that go into building the perfect set of commercial stairs and we know that each one plays an important role..

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stair landing Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Oct 16 2018

Stair Landing Pans For Your Next Stair Project

When looking for the perfect solution for concrete pours on your next commercial steel stair project, look no further than our stair landing pans. .

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standard stair dimensions Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Aug 28 2018

Standard Stair Dimensions: Designing a Perfect Set of Stairs

The general rule for standard stair dimensions that is accepted by many general contractors and stair designers across the United States is known as the "7-11" rule..

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Safety Grating Stair Treads Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Jul 09 2018

Safety Grating Stair Treads Increase Stairway Safety

Safety Grating Stair Treads are used in many warehouse facilities, manufacturing plants, Stadiums, Commercial Building Structures and other venues..

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Concrete Pour Stop Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Oct 27 2017

Metal Pour Stop: A More Effective Barrier for Concrete Pours

Concrete Pour Stops help to contain the concrete within a desired area while it hardens..

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Poured Concrete Stairpan Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Apr 14 2017

Space Saving Stairpans - The Future of Commercial Stair Systems

Space Saving Stairpans came about as a means of solving a challenge a potential customer was facing..

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stairpans Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Apr 06 2017

Stairpans? Am I Supposed to Know What Those Are?

Stairpans are everywhere. You may even have walked on one of ours. Our stairpans can be found in buildings all over the US. .

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metal stair tread, metal stair treads Eberl Stair Components & Systems
Mar 15 2017

Top Five Reasons to Choose Metal Stair Treads Over Stairpans

METAL STAIR TREADS are perfectly functional and durable yet weigh only a fraction of what a stairpan filled with concrete weighs, making them a great alternative to traditional metal stairpans..

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commercial metal perforated stairpans, metal stair treads
Feb 23 2017

Perforated Stairpans for Safety and Visual Appeal

Perforated Stairpans improve visibility for pedestrians using commercial stairwells, allowing them to see foot traffic both above and below, and alerting them to any potential dangers..

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