Custom Metal Stair Treads Destined for Shopping Plaza in Waikiki, HI

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Mar 31 2023

Where Are Metal Stair Treads Used?

The next time you walk up or down a set of metal stair treads, whether it be at your office, in a parking garage, at the mall, in a hotel or anywhere really, look down and take a look to see what you’re actually walking on. More than likely, you’re walking on a set of metal stair treads and you didn’t even realize it. You’ve been doing it your entire life without thinking about it…..until now! And now that you’ve come to the realization that these stair treads have been around you your entire life, the next questions are, how did these metal stair treads get there and why are they here?

construction in hawaii

The Journey of our Metal Stair Treads

Our most recent custom stair treads project is a perfect example to show you just how much goes into making sure the perfect step is installed exactly where it needs to be. We were recently contacted by a customer in Maryland who was looking to purchase around 200 stair treads that are being used for a renovation project in Waikiki, HI. The metal stair treads had to be 48 inches long and fabricated from 12 gauge steel. Nothing our metal fabrication shop couldn’t handle. So with the order in hand, our team of fabricators went to work making sure every design specification, measurement, angle and requirement was met.

First the sheet metal was removed from our material holding bins and staged at our shearing station, where the sheets were checked for correct material thickness and hand counted to verify quantity. Then the shear was programmed to meet the specific dimensions and precisely cut into the correct size panels needed to create the final stair treads. Once cut, the pieces were moved to our press brake machines. There, our press break operators fine tuned the machines so every angle and bend was accurate and up to the customer’s standards. When the bending was done, the stair treads were neatly stacked, securely banded and sent over to our shipping department. With one final wave goodbye, our metal treads were out the door and off to the sunshine and paradise of Hawaii.

banded custom stair treads

The Benefits of Custom Stair Treads

Custom made stair treads are the prefect answer for your construction project because they can be fabricated in a wide range of sizes to fit into any design specification you may have. They’re also fabricated from a variety of materials to ensure they hold up to an endless list of applications and conditions. They’re always going to be an integral piece in any building so you may as well do them right. And the next time you’re in Hawaii and you stop to appreciate the breeze and the ocean and the islands, take a second to look down and appreciate our metal stair treads.

Who We Are & What We Do

The Stairs Components & Systems (SCS) division, a part of our Metal Fabrication Services (MFS) division, provides components for the commercial steel stair builders industry. We are a nationwide manufacturer of standard and custom components including metal stair treads, metal stair pans, perforated stairpans, landings pans, carrier angles and more. Head over to our website today to see our complete lineup of services and products and don’t forget to Request a Quote Today.

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